that excites

Which Nissan car matches your personality?

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is not about removing humans from the driving experience. Instead, it’s about building a better future for our customers where cars are their partners, helping drivers to become more confident and more connected. We believe that that people would still love to drive by themselves, so our task is to make their driving experience MORE, not less, exciting.

What is your dream home?

Cottage with a view of
Mount Fuji

Self-sustaining eco village in Finland

Loft in
New York City

Sleek condominium
in Singapore

White picket fence in Oregon

Vintage mansion in Austria

How would your friends describe you?

The stylish one

The responsible one

The activist

The free spirit

The smart one

The wild one

You’ve just won the lottery, what are you doing?

Taking the family to a themepark

Quitting your job to see the world

Donating it to the save the polar bears

Buying the haute couture you’ve been eyeing

Setting up a luxury home theatre system

Investing some,
then a wild weekend in Vegas

What do you care about?





Family & friends


What’s for dinner?

Organic kale and quinoa salad

A well balanced meal

French caviar

Anything on
the go

Wagyu beef steak

fruit juice

You’re at the bar. What are you ordering?

Just water for me

Do you guys have Kombucha?

Gin martini,
straight up.
Shaken not stirred.


Wine for me...
and hot cocoa
for the kids

Vodka & Energy Drink

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